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Internet Marketing

Website Reputation Management

Tucson Affordable Web has a wide experience on how to keep your website reputation on TOP. We have many different strategies that achieve our goal. We use various professional tools & apps to keep tracking your website. All work is checked for high quality and then summarized and provided in easy-to-read monthly reports.

To keep your website reputation positivetakes a lot of work. There are many different activities and parameters that need tracking and we work very hard to keep them ongoing and up to date.

Fast ResponseAccurate Work and High Quality Servicesare what make Affordable Web a unique web design company in Tucson. We constantly check your website health by analyzing your search engine rankings for the input keywords to keep your business at the top at all times and consequently see your business grow!



Affordable Web offers many techniques and strategies to keep your website reputation on top by improving your search engine ranking and therefore acquiring more visitors.



We achieve the best results by using various software, apps, plugins and components at no additional cost to you.



Our solution has proven to have perfect results. We keep monitoring with rapid response to defend your website from any threats. Your site will be online 24/7.

Email & Newsletter Marketing

Why Email and Newsletter Marketing are Important!

Email is the most effective way of directly affecting your bottom line and actually growing your business. There are more than 3 billion email accounts. 90% of online consumers use email and, 92% check their email at least once a day. According to the 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, 77% prefer email to receive promotional content and for every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment.

Traditional Method of Promotion

The traditional way of promoting business is to place an ad on TV, the radio, or in the newspaper. Local Tucson businesses still send out brochures, catalogues, and business cards in the mail to market their business right on our doorsteps. However, those methods are more expensive and the risk that customers will not see them is higher and higher each year.

Modern Method of Promotion (Digital Media)

Of course this modern method with electronic Newsletter and Email Marketing, can be a powerful way to go. Everyone has an email inbox- which they can checkmany times every day. As stated previously, 67% of people now using their mobile devices have constant access to their email accounts. Furthermore, they can read emails almost immediately after they are sent!

All the above methods come at a cost. However, the more lucrative choice is obviously the modern method of digital newsletter and email marketing because it costs less, but reaches more people faster. People are always on the web, but they are not always watching TV, listening to the radio, or checking their mail. Tucson Affordable Web offers digital newsletters and email marketing as a standard service at no additional price! We can set up a Call to Action and follow up emails for anyone who signs up for this service.


150,000 Recipient

Tucson Web Design - 150,000 Recipient

Up to 150,000 local unique emails receipt.

Trusted & Verified E-Mails

Tucson Web Design - Trusted & Verified E-Mails

All the emails are trusted and updated every month!

Analytics Report

Tucson Web Design - Analytics Email Report

Generate a full report to see how many emails receipts received, opened your ad and more!


Data Filtering

Tucson Web Design - Data Filtering

You can send desired emails by filtering them by household income, genders, ages and more!

GEO Targeting

Tucson Web Design - GEO Targeting

Deliver your ad to the desired location, such as country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code!

Mobile Visibility

Tucson Web Design - Mobile Visibility

100% your ad will be responsive, visible and readable using phones, tablets, and the other devices!

Newsletter and Email Marketing Benefits

Keep it Informative

Tucson Web Design - Keep it Informative

Keep the audience informed and draw them in with enticing offers and discounts.

Client Relationship

Tucson Web Design - Client Relationship

Helps you maintain a direct relationship with your clients and customers.

Cost Less

Tucson Web Design - Cost Less

A fraction of the cost of traditional media. With Affordable Web there is NO additional cost!

Faster & Powerful

Tucson Web Design - Faster & Powerful

10x the response rate of direct mail.Emails reach the audience almost immediately.


Affordable Web offers Newsletter and Email Marketing features at NO additional COST!

Live Chat Component

Welcome to Live Chat!

Live Chat by today is the most powerful tool that generates leads for your business. It turns your website's visitors into a potential customer. Don't let them leave your website without any actions. Approximately, 78% of the visitors like to get in touch using the Live Chat over sending an email or to fill a form.

Tucson Affordable Web offers 14-day trial version with no obligation.


Always Online

Tucson Web Design - Always Online

24/7/365 Live Chat! Always Online

Email or Phone Call

Tucson Web Design - Receive Email or Phone Call

Connect web visitors to phone line

Professional Skills

Tucson Web Design - Professional Skills

Skilled Routing Chats routed to agents, Industry vise.

Multiple Agents

Tucson Web Design - Multiple Agents

Multiple Agents handle chats for your company.


Custom Chat Window

Tucson Web Design - Custom Chat Window

Custom Chat Window that caries your image and messages.

Google Map Integration

Tucson Web Design - Google Map Integration

You get customer from your city or area.

Mobile Visibility

Tucson Web Design - Mobile Visibility

Mobile Aware Chat windows sense mobile & adjust accordingly.

Analytics Report

Tucson Web Design - Analytics Report

Analytics visitors, chat & lead reports for deep insight and analytics.

Affordable Web has been offering web design and Internet marketing services in Tucson and the surrounding areas since 2009. You won’t find all-inclusive web design services at such affordable prices anywhere else in the state- guaranteed! Client satisfaction and business growth is important to us and how we measure great success.

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