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Photography & Video Production

Tucson Web Design - Photography & Video Production

Web Design Usability – Dealing with Images

One of the most important elements to any business website is the visual display. Visitors are looking for images that pop and videos that give them a great idea about what kind of product or service that you provide. Tucson Affordable Web provides professional quality photos and videography to make your website more appealing and will keep visitors around longer.

The first thing that gives visitors a general sense of your business on your website are the visuals. Many companies and businesses use generic stock photos from the Internet. However, in order to give your business the best shot, future customers are looking for relevant and high-quality evidence of your products and services, so you should provide!


Tucson Affordable Web offers professional high-quality photography for your business website that will keep visitors on your page longer. Not only will it encourage them to purchase your products or services, they will be more likely to navigate other pages of your website because of the visuals. Good photography is a great marketing strategy because it is another way to offer information about what your business does.

Below are the details of what photography with Affordable Web entails:

Image Enhancement

Tucson Web Design - Image Enhancement

Size, Composition, Resolution and Exposure are four important things to look for in a good image. People actually like to see attractive images that leave an impact inside them.

Affordable Web shoots only RAW format photos to get the full image enhancement using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Rich colors and the correct exposure will really make your images look perfect and will make your website stand out.


Tucson Web Design - Effectiveness

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography is one of the best ways to leave a dynamic effect on your image. If the picture creates excitement or interest, then it works. HDR creates emotional appeal because it leaves the picture desirable because it looks so good.

Having high-quality photos on your site creates rational appeal because it helps website visitors understand what is being presented or promoted.

Transmitted Message

Tucson Web Design - Transmitted Message

At Tucson Affordable Web, we offer skill in the area of connecting relevant images with the perfect text to portray the right message. According to a study, a website visitor will stay 20-25 seconds longer on a website that has a perfect image related to its topic than a website that has no image or an image that is not related to what they're looking for. All in all, this is one of the basics of marketing that will keep future customers or clients sticking around.

Impress Visitor

Tucson Web Design - Impress Visitor

The same study concluded that users pay close attention to photos and other images that contain relevant information and automatically categorized them as important and are to be studied in detail by the human brain.

Using high quality images and correct text, then composing them into a nice graphic design will really impress any visitor to your website. Impressing photography, images, and graphics, as well as relevancy will leave a good impression on visitors to your website.


Affordable Web offers on-site Photography as a Standard Service at NO additional COST!

VIDEOGRAPHY - Video Production

Videography is becoming more relevant to this generation of consumers. Your website visitors will likely be drawn to professional videos that are relevant to your business.


Nissan Altima - Video Production

Rug Repair and Restoration

Karimi Rugs Video Production 1

Karimi Rugs Video Production 2

The Tucson Village

Arizona House of Carpets

Tucson Air Conditioning


Affordable Web offers on-site video production at an affordable rate!

Affordable Web has been offering web design and Internet marketing services in Tucson and the surrounding areas since 2009. You won’t find all-inclusive web design services at such affordable prices anywhere else in the state- guaranteed! Client satisfaction and business growth is important to us and how we measure great success.

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