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Tucson Search Engine Optimization


Tucson Affordable Web knows how to set up a website to get great search engine optimization results. If you want your business to show up on the first page when potential future clients or customers search Google, we can use SEO skills on your website to increase web traffic, thus growing your business.

Search engine results are an important part of your business’ marketing and advertisement. There are ways to get your site closer to the #1 spot on Google- and we at Tucson Affordable Web know how to do that! Using SEO and SEM, we set up your website to produce better results in the search rankings.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Tucson Web Design - SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Short for “Search Engine Optimization,” SEO is the science/art of increasing traffic to a website by helping it rank higher in organic (non-paid) search results. The goal of Tucson Affordable Web is to produce organic results because it is free and always appears in Google results.

There are two important strategies of SEO. On Site (On Page) SEO and Off Site (Off Page) SEO. Tucson Affordable Web uses many different tools for the On Site SEO which will be done on your website. These tools are powerful and easy to manage.

Off Site SEO includes Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

However, using SEO tools doesn't mean you are correctly utilizing SEO for your webpage. The key to success with SEO is in choosing the right keywords and setting up each page strategically with those keywords. The right strategies in SEO drive more traffic to your website by achieving page 1 results with search engines.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Tucson Web Design - SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Short for “Search Engine Marketing,” SEM is usually used to describe the immediate, money-backed portion of search engine marketing. SEM is also known as PPC (pay-per-click) or CPC (cost-per-click) search engine results page ads in one form or another.

We do a lot of research before setting up your keywords and SEO-SEM options. We will need to learn about Google AdWords, Bing Ads, PPC and CPC advertising in order to set up your keywords correctly.

If you feel like either of these options is for you, we can come up with a great SEO plan for your website.

SEO - SEM Key Parameters

Keyword Research

Tucson Web Design - Keyword Research

Keyword research unveils valuable search terms. Before plugging the keywords into your website, Tucson Affordable Web will do a wide research for valuable keywords that are sure to improve your ranking.

Website Analytics

Tucson Web Design - Website Analytics

Website analytic and Webmaster tools help measure results achieved from SEO-SEM and continue to improve your ranking. It is very important to keep everything on your website up-to-date.

Website Architecture

Tucson Web Design - Website Architecture

Website Architecture is a big factor in your ranking. Search engines are crawling your website everyday and they love to see your website and its contents optimized accurately.

Increase Rankings

Tucson Web Design - Increase Rankings

Tucson Affordable Web works very hard to increase your rank in search results. We work every day on your website SEO- which is the key to attracting a high volume of visitors.


Choose Tucson Affordable Web for your website’s SEO-SEM

Not only is SEO-SEM one of our standard web development services at no extra cost, but we also use many tools and top technology to keep your website ahead of your competitors.