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Tucson Web Design - Content Management System

The Convenience of a Content Management System!

Our services include the convenience and power of a content management system- or CMS- for your website. Tucson Affordable Web will set up a control panel for you to go and update any of the technology included in your site in just a few easy clicks! A CMS will help make your website pop- with all the possibilities that regular HTML sites cannot offer.

The Power of Content Management System

Tucson Web Design - CMS - Customizable


One amazing feature for CMS is that you can install components OR plugins on its platform. For example: If your current website doesn't have a payment form and you would like to add this feature, then, all you need to do is install the payment form component in a couple of clicks. It’s fast and easy!

Tucson Web Design - CMS - Creative Freedom

Creative Freedom

You can do many activities with CMS. For example: If you would like to change your current website design, you can find thousands of templates that could be installed on your CMS platform and start using a new one immediately.

Tucson Web Design - CMS - Intuitive and Flexible

Intuitive and Flexible

Intuitive and Flexible CMS interface that helps you manage your content, modules and articles very easily with couple clicks. No HTML, CSS or other coding skills arerequired. Most CMS platforms have friendly, simple-to-use interfaces. You can also install components to add features or change the interface itself.

Tucson Web Design - CMS - High Level Security

High Level Security

Any website has the risk of getting hacked. Therefore, it is very important to keep it up-to-date and to clear all the open security issues that hackers might find. A CMS platform provides periodic updates that will install new improvements to your website’s security.

Tucson Web Design - CMS - Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Friendly

You can also install plug-ins and applications to improve your search engine optimization options. It’s easy to use and can help increase your ranking, making your CMS, “search engine friendly.”

Tucson Web Design - CMS - 3rd Party Compatibility

3rd Party Compatibility

CMS platforms have capabilities beyond your imagination. They are also compatible with 3rd party apps, websites, and software. For example: If you set up your online shopping store, but you would like to use a 3rd party website for checkout, like PayPal, you can easily install a component that integrates PayPal with your online store.

Content Management System Features


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